Aluminum Alloy Wire 5154

Aluminum Alloy Wire 5154 combines its strength with light weight and anti-corrosion. It is used for metal mesh, braiding and shielding in flexible coaxial cable and so on.

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Aluminum Alloy Wire 5154 is made by melting aluminum ingot, magnesium ingot and other metal raw materials, which will get through several times drawing processes and high-temperature annealing process. With continuous casting and rolling method, we produce a variety of 5154A / 5154 Aluminum Alloy Wires.




01. Aluminum Alloy Wire 5154

Aluminum Ingot

Aluminum alloy ingot is made of aluminum and other chemical like Magnesium (Mg) as per 5154 / 5154A standard. It is the perfect raw material for Aluminum Alloy Wires in different diameter.

At ShengZe Wire Mesh workshop, we smelt the aluminum ingot into aluminum alloy rod 6.0 mm and then 1.17 mm. This is the normal type in larger diameter, also it is our raw material for Aluminum Insect Screening. For sure you can have custom size as required. 

02. Aluminum Alloy Wire 5154

Wire Drawing

The Aluminum Wire drawing process consists in an elongation of the material (1.17 mm) produced mechanically by the pulling of the wire through one or various dies by some drawing capstans, in order to reduce its diameter progressively. This transformation is carried out without any loss of material. Annealing is necessary to increase conductivity and decrease the strength – for shielded wires application. 

Our wire diameter is 0.12 mm min. and most at 0.18 / 0.20 / 0.24 / 0.36 mm.  

03. Aluminum Alloy Wire 5154

Finished Spools

We have a Quality Control team with 3 inspection personnel. They make strict and full inspection for Aluminum Alloy Wire Spools, using conductor elongation tester and other test instruments. 

Shengze winds different Aluminum Alloy Wire diameters like 0.12 mm to 0.37 mm onto plastic spools as per different weight as you require. Normal spools are 16 x 20 cm with 4.5 kg, 20 x 20 cm with 5.0 kg, 18 x 18.5 cm with 3.5 kg and 16 x 16 cm with 2.7 kg. Custom size needs to check. Plastic film and craft paper is available.

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Leo is always sharing industry news and useful info with me, also interesting image😀 He is very nice to talk and we got better price without any quality discount for each order. That is the reason we're good friends not only for business cooperation, which will be for long time and we both are happy for that.
Mike Peterson
We know ShengZe Wire Mesh on exhibition. After that they made us a fast shipment of Aluminum Wire Mesh, SS finish, 4ft x 100ft rolls with very good packing. In 2019 our former supplier can't meet the delivery time. So we changed all purchasing to ShengZe Wire Mesh. They are 5 stars!
Rajeev Sharma
Hi I am Marcia, international purchasing manager in Brazil. First I don't like Paul because his price was not helping me for more money, lol😁 Second I like him much because of his working attitude, make everything perfect in total details. This saves me plenty of time! In a word, THANK YOU!
Marcia Herrera
We buy Aluminum Alloy Wire from ShengZe. At the beginning they sent free sample, which meet our standard. Then they delivered the container goods, high quality! Because they have quick production and good payment term, now we have several times cooperation and aim for long business partnership.
Herr von Hügel
What I can say about ShengZe is their power and experience. The truth is, our container was hold in import clearance 3 years ago. When they know that, they called the shipping line and finally helped me to get the container out with limit charge. Appreciate! So you see our continuing orders to them.
Carlos Gonzalez
The fiberglass flymesh from ShengZe has high standard with good offer. It is enduring and beautiful, no loose wire and no transforming. With these goods, we keep growing fast and strong in last 4 years. We'd like to strongly recommend ShengZe Wire Mesh as Top supplier in China. They are 100% reliable!
Abdul Syed

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